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Caoimhe McDermott-Quin was born in 1996, and raised in Mayo. They use they/them pronouns.

From a young age, Caoimhe has had a deep interest in Irish mythology and folklore and how we interact with is as a modern nation. They are primarily a printmaker, and have developed into installation and digital-printed textiles and are now exploring the medium of digital art. 

Caoimhe aims in their work to be immersive and break the veil between reality and the world of myth and folklore, highlighting the traces of the ancient world and it's stories and superstitions still within our modern one.

They have been involved in a number of exhibitions since moving to Galway; their 3rd year exhibition, COAST, in 2019, and then Impressions Biennial Printmaking exhibition in July of the same year. In each they featured prints pertaining to Irish folklore and culture.

They have been a featured illustrator in Away With The Faeries, written by local historian and author William Henry, a collection of stories pertaining to the folklore of Ireland.

After being denied a Degree show due to Covid-19 rescritions , they and their course colleges hosted an independent show, Not a Degree Show, in the Connaught Tribune Printworks in September of 2020.

Caoimhe is now looking forward to pursuing a career to further Irish heritage awareness though art. 


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